At Light Culture we are inspired by sustainable lighting solutions. We are committed to protecting the environment and preserving resources.

We understand that investors, operators and designers are increasingly placing higher values on the sustainability of their projects.

Our sustainable lighting products seek to generate the best conditions for human and environmental well-being, without sacrificing performance or visual appearance.

Certifications of compliance provide you with assurance of production methods, material quality and energy usage, which meet the most stringent of environmental standards. We think green.


Office Recycling

Light Culture is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials including waste paper, cardboard, plastic/glass containers, aluminium and steel.

Head office in Somersby has installed rain water tanks to collect rain water and reuse it for gardens and bathroom amenities. Separate bins are used in the office for waste paper, post-it notes, magazines and cardboard and separate bins for plastic and glass.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Recycling.

Where practically all incoming cardboard is reused for repackaging. Excess cardboard is placed in the cardboard recycling bin and non-recyclable materials including bubble wrap, plastic bags, foam padding, paper wrapping, and polystyrene are reused in our packaging for goods dispatched.

Light Culture became a member of Australian Packaging Covenant in 2019 for yearly audit to review and optimize company’s packaging and recycling target. The goal is to optimize and make efficient use of recourses and reduce environmental impact each year.

Scrap aluminium generated during the manufacturing of our LED Profiles are placed in our designated scrap aluminium bin, collected and sent to recycle.



Long-term thinking and behaviour are fundamental to our approach and will always be reflected in our selection of brand partners and products.

We have hand-picked brands at the forefront of energy-efficient lighting to give you access to the latest green technology which can help make a difference.


At Trilux energy efficiency, long service life and extended maintenance times are key factors when it comes to designing sustainable lighting systems.

Trilux researches and develops products using the latest design methods and technological advances to produce intelligent lighting solutions that support a global initiative towards sustainability.

The basis for economical upgrading is highly efficient LED products, which provide optimum savings potential and high levels of performance.

Trilux has a wealth of experience across all areas of light production and provides support when it comes to planning and installing new lighting systems or refurbishing existing luminaires. Trilux is your partner in professional lighting.




WE-EF LIGHTING take a holistic approach when it comes to producing quality lighting systems.

The company carries out Life Cycle Assessments to identify the stages of a luminaires life cycle which offer the highest potential for saving energy. It also examines the products impact on global warming and the ecosystem. The relevant data is collected through all of the different life stages, from production to disposal.

The results of the Life Cycle Assessment are captured in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), specific to that luminaire.

This information helps WE-EF LIGHTING improve the design of existing products and develop new luminaires that are energy efficient and have minimal impact on the environment.

FLUX Lighting

FLUX Lighting

Flux produces innovative lighting systems that are environmentally friendly.

The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality luminaires using its ‘easy light’ philosophy: easy to install and easy to use.

Flux engineers design and develop products from start to finish using a minimal amount of material to avoid the unnecessary use of natural resources and reduce waste production.

Manufacturing is carried out without the generation of hazardous waste products in accordance with European standards

Flux products are designed with recyclability in mind. Packaging is made from 100% natural corrugated cardboard. It is staple free, biodegradable, and has a recycle recovery rate of 80%.



Energyline provides customers with products made from sustainable aluminium, recyclable packaging, and end of life disposal options.

The environmental impact of each product is analysed in the development stage in order to reduce the impact over the life cycle.

All of the aluminium used in the production of Energyline products comes from New Zealand Aluminium Smelters, which produces one of the lightest carbon footprints per tonne of aluminium and is one of the most environmentally sustainable aluminium billets in the world.

Energyline produces products which are over 99% recyclable and disposes of electronic waste in a way that minimises any environmental risks.



Panzeri focuses on eco-sustainable production that respects the environment and reduces energy consumption.

It constantly researches the best materials on the market and uses advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology to produce quality lighting systems.

The use of the LED technology is a priority for Panzeri, not only in developing new products but also in regard to the re-engineering of products already on the market.

Panzeri aim to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of products by staying up-to-date with latest technologies and offering customers eco-compatible solutions.

Panzeri luminaires are tested according to strictest technical standards and certified by the most prestigious and authoritative European institutions.


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