Mirona Fit

Minimum dimensions with maximum power


The TRILUX Mirona Fit LED is the perfect lighting solution for challenging surroundings. This applies to storage and logistics halls, e.g. in heavy industry and food production, as well as for sports halls. With a 50,000 hour service life (L80) even at high ambient temperatures of 55°C, the luminaire is not only especially durable but also extremely reliable with a low maintenance requirement. This means that expensive maintenance interruptions to production runs are a thing of the past with the Mirona Fit LED. The luminaire can also be adapted to individual requirements via beam characteristic, lumen output and optional sensor and CLO function (Constant Light Output). The 52,000 lumen version even makes 2:1 refurbishments possible. The LED luminaire provides high quality light and therefore safety in halls. The luminaire can also be integrated into light management systems to achieve maximum energy savings.


Technical Diagrams

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