Offspring Profiles Sideways Sally 5


Sideways Sally 5 has many uses as a surface mounted profile solution, whether it is used as a slim line mirror light in a bathroom, discrete lighting under a shelf, or suspended luminaire.

With diffuser options of both curved and rectangle this profile is sure to be a great addition to any specifiers tool kit.

LED Ribbon Strips

Please refer to the datasheet of the LED Profile for suitable LED ribbon strips.


Technical Diagrams

For more information please contact the Light Culture Sales Team.


  • PDF Document SIDEWAYS SALLY 5R.pdf 0.50 MB Download
  • PDF Document SIDEWAYS SALLY 5C.pdf 0.51 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_SIS7-DD10-DD14-FF14-SS5-Mounting-Adjustable-Bracket_LC.pdf 0.42 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-SS20-SS5-AA25-WB25-Surface-Mounted_LC.pdf 5.37 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-DD22-DD30-SS20-SS5-Wire-Suspended_LC.pdf 5.09 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-DD22-DD30-FF14-SS20-SS5-Rod-Suspended_LC.pdf 5.37 MB Download
  • IES File SS5R20R PRO-14-40.IES 0.00 MB Download
  • IES File SS5C20C PRO-14-40.IES 0.00 MB Download