Offspring Profiles Downhill Dan 22


The Downhill Dan 22 extrusion is our most powerful downlighting system. Utilizing two LED strips mounted side-by-side, this profile is ideal for applications where maximum dot-free light output is key. A versatile system suitable for various mounting options, Downhill Dan 22 can be surface mounted, recessed and suspended. The concealed mounting clip provides a quick and secure fixing to any surface. Both wire and rod suspension options are available for the Downhill Dan 22 extrusion and the recessing systems for GIB ceilings and walls, creates a perfect trimless recessed finish every time. Supplied with a cord grip to ensure no pressure is forced on to the LED strip connections.

LED Ribbon Strips

Please refer to the datasheet of the LED Profile for suitable LED ribbon strips.


Technical Diagrams

For more information please contact the Light Culture Sales Team.


  • PDF Document DOWNHILL DAN 22.pdf 0.46 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD30, DD22 Recessed_LC.pdf 5.12 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD22-Surface-Mounted_LC.pdf 3.18 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD22-Metal-Cowling-Recessed_LC.pdf 5.47 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-DD22-DD30-SS20-SS5-Wire-Suspended_LC.pdf 5.09 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-DD22-DD30-FF14-SS20-SS5-Rod-Suspended_LC.pdf 5.37 MB Download
  • IES File DD22 FROST PRO-14-40.IES 0.00 MB Download