Offspring Profiles Angle Andy 25


The Angle Andy 25 extrusion is perfect for mounting in corners of joinery, corners of perpendicular walls or into the corner of a wall and ceiling. Angle Andy 25 features one smooth side meaning it is not confined to corner mounting, but can also be mounted with one side of the extrusion visible. The concealed mounting clip provides a quick and secure fixing to any surface. Angle Andy 25 is suitable for surface mounting only.

LED Ribbon Strips

Please refer to the datasheet of the LED Profile for suitable LED ribbon strips.


Technical Diagrams

For more information please contact the Light Culture Sales Team.


  • PDF Document LED Ribbon Strips_AA25.pdf 2.14 MB Download
  • PDF Document Installation Instructions_DD10-DD14-SS20-SS5-AA25-WB25-Surface-Mounted_LC.pdf 5.37 MB Download
  • PDF Document ANGLE ANDY 25.pdf 0.45 MB Download