Richie Rail 18


Richie Rail 18 is a unique illuminated handrail system. Hollow wall brackets conceal the power supply to the LED strip, and the low voltage input makes the handrail safe to touch. The innovative sliding wall brackets allow minimal power feeds to the LED strip for simple installation. Richie Rail 18 is suitable for use on residential and commercial stairs and thoroughfares including accessible routes and urban spaces. The profile is designed to be used with various timber profile and timber types.

LED Ribbon Strips

Please refer to the datasheet of the LED Profile for suitable LED ribbon strips.


Technical Diagrams

For more information please contact the Light Culture Sales Team.


  • text/plain RR18-SUPER-11-40_IESNA2002.IES   Download
  • text/plain RR18-SUPER-11-30_IESNA2002.IES   Download
  • text/plain RR18-SUPER-05-40_IESNA2002.IES   Download
  • text/plain RR18-SUPER-05-30_IESNA2002.IES   Download
  • application/pdf Installation Instructions_RR18_LC.pdf   Download
  • application/pdf Data Sheet_RICHIE RAIL 18.pdf   Download

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