The TRILUX Solvan Flow is a highly diverse multi-talent for the refurbishment and new installation of lighting systems in the educational, care, office and retail sector. The LED luminaire sets effective accents as a single luminaire and can also be configured as a seamless continuous line without shadow gaps for increased lighting tasks. Recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires as well as several optional lumen packages (2800 – 6400 lm) and optics ensure additional flexibility – allowing the flat, slender luminaire to be conveniently modified to specific needs in e.g. classrooms, offices or corridors.

The luminaire has an efficacy of up to 126 lm/W, providing less than 4W/m2 or 1W/m2/100lux for best practice energy usage. 3 out of the 4 optical options offer low glare ratings in typical office situations with UGR19 or less and each individual LED reflector cell is covered to protect the LED surface from contamination due to soiling and dust, maintaining performance throughout life.

The possibility of integrating the TRILUX LiveLink light management system make the Solvan Flow LED an intelligent all-rounder.

Planning Diversity

The Solvan Flow LED can be used as a single luminaire (recessed, surface-mounted or suspended version) or as a seamless continuous line, providing uniform lighting installations using only the Solvan range. The UGR19 version is also suitable for areas where computer screens are used. With various accessories, the Solvan Flow LED can be modified for installation in various ceiling systems.

Flexible Lighting Technology

The Solvan Flow LED is available with 3,000 to 6,400 luminous flux levels as well as optical systems suited to the application.

Intelligent Light

Light management systems and sensors can be integrated, enabling e.g. presence detection and daylight dependent control.

Various Light Distribution Characteristics

The Solvan Flow is available with directed-symmetric, directed-asymmetric or diffuse light distribution.

Flat Design

With a height of just 45 mm, the luminaire blends discreetly into the background.

Simple Installation

Installation is simple thanks to the modular kit principle. Energy Efficiency With energy efficiency up to 126 lm/W and a service life of 50,000 hours, the operating costs are significantly low.

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