Light Culture Australia is pleased to announce that our partner WE-EF LIGHTING Australia/New Zealand has released the most unexpected and unique publication of the year – The Black Book.

The Black Book is intended to be a guide into the two-dimensional nature of exterior luminaires. The Luminaire Selector displays all lighting options at one glance. The luminaire pages present the luminaire design, dimensions and mounting arrangements, as well as provide a selection of lighting optics. Carefully selected project images are intended to demonstrate the lighting effect of the luminaire and inspire the designer.

Every exterior space lives in two dimensions - the one of the daylight and the one of the night. While the sun reveals the details of a landscape in full brightness, the darkness of the night time provides the designer with a blank canvas. Light becomes a tool to accent or redefine surfaces and objects in a space - and either reminds us of the daytime appearance or reshapes the space completely.

Light Culture Australia and WE-EF LIGHTING Australia/New Zealand are working closely together to deliver a brighter tomorrow.

Download the Black Book