Recessed ceiling luminaires are ideal for creating a desired lighting effect without the luminaire itself attracting attention, which is why extremely precise lighting technology is crucial.

WE-EF´s well-proven DOC100/200 series offers ceiling luminaires in different sizes and wattages plus state-of-the-art lighting technology that meets the different requirements of architecturally-integrated lighting.

With IP66 certification and WE-EF´s unique 5CE superior corrosion protection system means they can be installed in places where high demands are made of the protection rating. Preferred areas of application include transitional spaces (e.g., inside-to- outside areas such as entrances, arcades and atria in shopping malls). Other appropriate locations are administration buildings as well as train and subway stations.

The smallest luminaire in the series, the DOC110 LED, has connected wattage of 12 W and is offered in 3000 K and 4000 K as standard. LED lens arrays for [B] Symmetric wide beam, [M] Symmetric medium beam, [EE] Symmetric very narrow beam and [EES] Symmetric very narrow beam 'sharp cut-off' characteristics are available.

These enable a wide range of architecturally-integrated lighting tasks to be covered. Linear spread or flood lenses are available as internal accessories. On request, the luminaires can be fitted with a 1-10V or DALI interface, which enables them to be integrated into complex lighting scenarios.

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