Architecture & Design in collaboration with Indesign have recently published a whitepaper about Panzeri and their range of product families, which are designed to be functional with the use of high-end LED technology:

"Panzeri has been in the lighting business since 1947. Today, the Italian company remains wholly owned by the Panzeri family who maintain a high degree of hands-on involvement in the design, manufacturing and global sales of a wide range of decorative, semi-decorative and technical light fittings. What distinguishes this range from that of numerous other manufacturers?

Importantly, Panzeri does not make ‘glowing furniture’. Its full range of 70 product families is designed to be functional in terms of light distribution, glare control, efficiency and the use of high-end LED technology; the range does include a relatively small number of purely technical downlights as well as linear and track based lighting systems, but this is not where its major strength lies."

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