New linear wall-washer series joins the WE-EF product range

In addition to the comprehensive range of luminaires for lighting streets, footpaths and public spaces, WE-EF has a wide range of luminaires for architectural lighting requirements. Now the VLR100 takes the spotlight, as this new linear wall-washer series joins the WE-EF product range.

The VLR100 series is suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications and feature a wide range of wattages. Five standard lengths are available, from 328 mm to 1528 mm. Customised lengths can be produced in 100 mm increments on request, based on individual project requirements.

The luminaires can be tilted up to 180 degrees, enabling the light direction to be flexibly adapted to individual project installation characteristics. An additional feature is a variable suspension technique that allows post-installation, fine-tuning adjustments to be made on-site to ensure precision light distribution.

The VLR100 series is available in a wide range of symmetric beam distributions: [LB] wide; [LM] medium; [LE] narrow; and [LEE] very narrow. The luminaire's LED driver comes equipped with a DALI interface. The shorter 328 mm version is fitted with a separate driver while longer versions have an integrated driver. However, a separate driver is available for any version on request. The modular design of the luminaires allows for existing luminaires to be replaced with linear lenses.

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