We started Light Culture in 2008 out of frustration with organisations in the market that put corporate goals ahead of the whole reason we are in our industry: LIGHT

Starting in a living room (and garage) at Avoca Beach NSW, we had to be industrious and protective in finding ways to service the market. We chose to adapt to changing markets by sourcing products and developing new relationships for the long term rather than going after a quick dollar.


Three months in it all stopped and although there was work about, it was all put on hold for what seemed like an eternity. Nevertheless, we worked away, taking no salary, begging good people to join us and we started accumulating a nice story with the products that we had.


We were very fortunate to have the LED train drive right through us at the start of our business life. Unlike if you were entering the market today, we were on the ground when this happened and were able to adapt quickly as this new exciting light source rolled through our market.

In 2010 we finally moved into a 300m2 warehouse where we housed the internal sales team and looked to grow our business. This was a critical period for us as some really key personal joined us - people with a mix of great ethical behaviour and solid respectable lighting experience. This in turn enabled us to look towards the future and consider what sort of reputation we wanted as a company.

Then on the same day at Light & Building in 2010, we were awarded 2 great bits of news. Firstly, we received news that we would become the NSW Distributor of WE-EF - a huge shot in the arm. To complement this, we were also awarded the Australian-wide distribution rights for TRILUX and this is where have ended up today. Two great brands upon which we were able to build our reputation, culture, and future.

For TRILUX, we are proud to be licensed manufacturers of certain key products, which enable us to bring European products to the Australian market at competitive rates. This is facilitated by our new 1000m2 competence centre.

To complement this, we have built great relationships with other key suppliers, including Offspring Profiles, Energyline, Unios, Arterfact Industries, Panzeri and Castaldi.

Along with all this, we have always reinvested any profits back into business, using this tactic to grow, add more quality staff, and increase our capacity from simply being a distribution hub to local manufacturing of TRILUX & LED Profile products.

We have developed our own way, our great culture, and we have a group of people that are engaged, committed and cohesive. All with one clear reason to come to work:


"This is what makes a project special, makes people feel good and helps us to achieve our goals."