Lateralo Ring LED – Innovative optics for prestigious spatial light.

Even when switched off, the extremely flat suspended luminaire with round construction blends stylishly into all interiors. But the Lateralo Ring LED's real strength is in operation: it supplies maximum visual comfort and almost shadow-free, room-filling light. This is made possible thanks to the innovative light control with an especially wide indirect light component. It also simplifies lighting design and interior design because the uniformly wide light distribution enables variable distances to the ceiling. Low Glare (UGR19) is coupled with an excellent energy efficacy of 110lm/W.

In a sector dominated by rectangular luminaires, the round Lateralo Ring LED provides an appealing and high-attention contrast. With the ultra-flat transparent panel and the absence of any visible power cable the luminaire appears to float in the room. The LED are powered with SELV via the wire suspensions.

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