The new PSY400 bollard luminaire series covers a wide range of outdoor lighting tasks. The flexible all-rounder is available in two sizes with connected loads of 6 to 26 W and nominal lumen packages of up to 3454 lm.

Bollard luminaires are popular lighting tools. They illuminate public parks, paths and squares as well as hotels and residential complexes, driveways and private gardens; they provide for good orientation and safe guidance. In the evening they contribute to a pleasant ambience in which one is happy to linger. With four different light distribution patterns, the new PSY400 bollard luminaires feature outstanding lighting performance, offer a high degree of vision comfort with their glare-free light and address dark skies concerns. They are also particularly efficient, however, as they allow large distances between luminaires without the lighting effect and homogeneity being negatively affected. The proven 5CE superior corrosion protection technology from WE-EF ensures that the IP66 luminaires also work reliably and permanently under harsh conditions, e.g. near sea water. Without frills, reduced to the basics in terms of shape and clearly proportioned, the PSY400 bollard luminaires blend harmoniously into the most diverse surroundings.