The use of biodegradable packaging

In 2020 Light Culture has made another green decision towards environmental and economic sustainability and started using biodegradable packaging materials, including shrink wrap, tape, pallet tops and shipping satchels for smaller deliveries. We continue to research and test materials that are the most sustainable and good for the environment.

Office recycling

Light Culture is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials including waste paper, cardboard, plastic/glass containers, aluminium and steel.

Head office in Somersby uses rain water tanks to collect rain water and reuse it for gardens and bathroom amenities. Separate bins are used in the office for waste paper, post-it notes, magazines and cardboard and separate bins for plastic and glass.

Light Culture – inspired by sustainable lighting solutions

We understand that investors, operators and designers are increasingly placing higher values on the sustainability of their projects. Our sustainable lighting products seek to generate the best conditions for human and environmental well-being, without sacrificing performance or visual appearance. Certifications of compliance provide you with assurance of production methods, material quality and energy usage, which meet the most stringent of environmental standards.