Our Sales Partner Buckford Illumination Group was working with QIC to provide a lighting solution for more than three carparks across the states. The key objective of the project was to provide a more energy efficient solution for lighting in the carparks, as well as enable the customer to apply for Energy Credits. One of the projects was the Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, VIC. The end result not only achieved significant energy savings, but completely changed the feel of the carpark from cavernous to spacious and open.

For this project, the TRILUX Aragon battens have undergone extensive testing for eligibility for Energy Savings Certificates in NSW and VIC/SA.

The Aragon with its clear back allows a greater volume of light to reflect off the ceilings and open up the feel of the space. The addition of in-built motion sensors allowed further energy savings by turning off fittings when the space is unoccupied. Light Culture’s history of strong service and exceptional warranty statement were also vital to the project.

The main challenge of the project was meeting a demanding project delivery schedule. Given the scale of the project, Light Culture opened and staffed a second factory to meet these requirements and produce more than 20 000 Aragon fittings.

The end result was an excellent example of the service offered by Buckford Illumination Group and Light Culture, and their ability to provide flexible solutions in short time frames.

Customer's testimonial - “I love walking through the carpark as they light up when I walk past!”